22 July 2007

Web 2.0


15 July 2006

Dominic Nagel - 'Bored' Light Painting

It's not the sound but the tones and light of an audio cassette that makes up this painting or light object (at night). Seeing, hearing at once.

12 January 2006

spaceplace notes

USE A HANDY for the bookmark below. send in a mobile net(notmass)media logo idea.

SpacePlace mobile

to reach SpacePlace online:
SpacePlace web

01 December 2005

Piero moblogged HfG Vodcaster

pp(8).jpg -12964481.1133443949976, originally uploaded by con10t.

26 November 2005

pp(5).jpg -1543095.1133016569318

a moblog test with my low-end sony ericsson. sign down the road from ZKM emailed (not MMS) from my phone to blogger. blogger.com and flickr support moblogging images (not video :-( yet.

pp(5).jpg -1543095.1133016569318, originally uploaded by profpocock.

05 November 2005


Check and balance the mainstream mediasphere by launching your media beyond the reach of globalization.

Register yourself at φrivate Φrbits, a VΦDcasting launchpad at ZKM and contact Prof. Pocock for further instructions.

To view VΦDcasts as they arrive, subscribe w. iTunes or Pod-VΦDcast capable device, i.e. video iPod, to the VΦDcast feed: φrivate Φrbits - http://feeds.feedburner.com/vodcast

For info, go to the VΦDcast web space here.

28 October 2005

Son Rubin in my ZKM office - blogged by handy email.

Rubin's installation with old PC, ebay trees, lit by pen laser light.

26 October 2005

φrivate Φrbits

φrivate Φrbits Φut of this world.

VΦDcasting seminar at ZKM
φrof. φhilip φpocock / rigΦ ketelings

contact us for details. [Mail]

10 October 2005

Art in the Age of Orbitization

My new research blog collecting artwork that orbits around the idea of 'orbitization' is up and under construction with ZKM.


17 September 2005

UFO Venice -318733.1126953620986

pp(11).jpg -18697202.1126953161014

18 August 2005

KingThing@KerlinGallery Dublin

Some snaps send direct to this blog from my handy /cell phone via wap email,
using a normal little sony ericsson phone with a lofi built-in cam, just for fun.

King WillyNilly at Kerlin Gallery, summer show, Dublin.

UnderConstruction - Dublin Streets


16 August 2005



12 August 2005







11 August 2005






07 August 2005



05 August 2005

Export / Weibel action a. guests, Open Systems, Tate Modern

Tate Modern Chimney Falcon Watchers

Breakfast Joanna & Jason's -2859163.1123243981597

The Traffic Saxplayer Painting -3300692.1123202084881